The fact that you are on the Show Shine Garage website right now proves that you are the type of person that cares about the condition of their car’s paint. The issue that we understand you are having is with the process necessary to achieve professional results. Even if you are the type of person that also enjoys the process, being able to shorten the amount of time it takes down is probably something that appeals to you.  Well, P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish is a product that is bound to save you TONS of time without compromising the results!


P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish will complete an entire 3-step detailing process into just one step! The genius formula of Play Maker All-in-One Polish is that it contains professional level micro-abrasives that give it the incredible ability to correct moderate paint imperfection and polish out to a glossy shine. Once the micro-abrasives have done their job, the rest of the formula in Play Maker All-in-One Polish will take over, leaving behind a durable layer of protection!


If you are a professional detailer, minimizing the amount of time it takes for you to detail a car’s paint is crucial. While P&S Pla yMaker All-in-One Polish will reducing the amount of time it takes to detail a car, it is not the only thing it offers the professional who uses it. Play Maker All-in-One Polish will also make the clean-up time much more efficient and hassle-free. This is possible thanks to the dust-free nature of Play Maker. Without the worry of having to waste time wiping up all the dust that many other all-in-ones produce, you will save even more time and hassle during your average detailing job!


Many people think that having perfect paint means owning an expensive machine polisher as well. While that is true for a lot of products on the market today, that is not the case for P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish. This amazing formula can be used both by machine AND by hand. Just one more reason that P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish is the perfect product for both the professional AND the enthusiast!


1 Quart (32 oz)

P & S Play Maker All-In-One Polish

    • All In One Polish
    • Paint Polish & Protection
    • Removes Moderate Imperfections
    • Dust Free/Easy Removal
    • For Use with All Tool Types



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