The REVELATION Drying Towel features a “Twist Loop Weave” doubled up thickness towel built for high performance drying of vehicles delivering perfect results every time. The larger 20" x 24” size is ideal for drying. Just big enough to dry a car but small enough for easy wringing so a single towel can quickly and effectively dry a car, truck, or boat with lint-free, streak-free results every time. The REVELATION Drying Towel is an exceptional durable alternative to synthetic drying towels.


1 Towel

P & S Revelation Drying Towel - 20" x 24"

SKU: PS-S1141
    • Revelation Drying Towel
    • Double Up Towel Construction
    • 20" x 24"
    • Dries Surfaces Immediately
    • Twist Loop Weave



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