Garage Door Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

A garage door needs regular maintenance to perform well. Some repairs are easy DIY projects, but others require a professional.

Garage Door Repairs

Certain signs of damage or wear and tear may be indicators that your garage door is nearing the end of its lifespan. In such cases, a replacement may be a wise investment for you and your family. Contact Garage Door Repair Surprise AZ for professional help.

Located on either side of the garage door, the tracks facilitate the rolling movement of rollers that carry the door up and down. These track components are made from sturdy steel and come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. Regardless of the type, all of them perform essentially the same function-to provide support for the door. They also ensure the rollers have a smooth surface for rolling. In addition to ensuring that the door rolls smoothly, properly working tracks protect against unauthorized access and help the door close securely.

When these components experience problems, the entire system can become unsafe to operate. Among the most common issues that can occur are debris buildup, misalignment, and loose hardware. In most cases, these issues are easily resolved through regular cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment.

While most homeowners can easily perform these maintenance tasks, a professional technician is the best option for assessing and repairing more serious issues. Professionals can replace parts, such as the track, when they have become worn or damaged. They can also inspect the garage door’s safety features to ensure that they are functioning correctly and not posing any risks to the homeowner or their family.

The tracks of a residential garage door are designed to withstand the forces of daily use and aging, but they can become twisted, bent, or misaligned over time. This can cause the door to have trouble moving up and down, or it may even get stuck midway through its motion. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the tracks completely.

Aside from being a major inconvenience, misaligned tracks can also lead to other problems with the door, such as excessive strain on other mechanisms like the hinges and rollers. This can cause them to wear out prematurely, leading to costly repairs and replacements in the future.

The simplest and most cost-effective way to prevent track issues is to perform routine inspections. Look for signs of misalignment, such as gaps, rubbing, or erratic movements, and take immediate action to correct them.


The rollers of a garage door are crucial to smooth and quiet operation. They are attached to the tracks and help to move the panels up and down, minimizing friction that can damage other components of the system. When they are damaged or worn out, the door may sag or make loud scraping and squeaking noises during operation. These are clear signs that it is time to call a professional for repairs.

The typical roller consists of a metal shaft with ball bearings inside. They are usually made of steel, although some contractor-grade models use plastic wheels. Steel rollers are generally more durable than nylon and can last up to two decades if properly maintained.

If your rollers are starting to show signs of wear, it is important that you replace them immediately to prevent further damage and ensure smooth operation. Look for cracks, chips and other indications of damage as well as loose components and bent parts in the track. It is also a good idea to inspect the entire track length, as bends or cracks can prevent the rollers from moving smoothly up and down the tracks.

Rollers that are damaged or not working properly can cause the door to become noisy, shaky and even stuck. This can be very inconvenient, as it can keep you from being able to access the contents of your garage and create safety hazards for anyone who uses the door.

Regular lubrication can keep your rollers in good condition, but it is important that you apply the lubricant correctly to avoid damaging the mechanism. You should also use a non-corrosive lubricant and be sure to wipe down the exposed surfaces of the rollers to remove any dirt that might have built up over time. It is also a good idea to lubricate the entire track area, as this can help to keep the door running smoothly. Professionals can often offer specific advice on the type of lubricant that is best for your garage door. They can also provide a warranty or guarantee on their work, providing added peace of mind.

Weather Stripping

A garage door requires good weather stripping to keep out debris, pests and outside elements. It is also a crucial part of the door’s seal and safeguards your valuables stored inside. Proper weather strips prevent moisture from seeping into a garage, which can lead to mildew and peeling paint. It also limits dust and pollen, which can enter the home. A properly functioning weather stripping will also reduce noises from the outside.

There are a number of types of weather stripping that you can choose from to replace the old and worn out pieces on your garage door. Some of the most common include foam tape, tension strips and door sweeps. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should know how each works before deciding which one to purchase.

Foam tape is usually a cheaper and more basic option that works well for most homes. It’s easy to install and has a long lifespan, but it does not offer as much protection from moisture as other materials.

If you decide to go with foam tape, it’s a good idea to test the strength of your new seal. Before applying it, have someone hold up a flashlight to the bottom of your garage and shine it around. If you can see light coming in, that’s a sign that your new weather stripping is weak and needs to be replaced.

Another option is a plastic seal that’s designed to keep out air drafts. Known as a tension strip or a V-strip, it is a simple solution that doesn’t require cutting to fit. Unlike some other types of weather stripping, it is not susceptible to humidity and can last up to five years before needing to be replaced.

Lastly, there are rubber gaskets that can be installed by hand and use screws to fasten. They come in a range of lengths, so you can choose the right size to suit your garage. They’re also more durable than other options and can help save energy.

Whether you’re installing new weather stripping or replacing it, the process is quick and simple when you have the right tools and instructions. For the best results, it’s best to apply the weather stripping on a dry day without rain or fog.


Garage door motors work hard to keep your home’s heavy garage doors up and running. However, over time, their constant use causes them to wear out and develop problems. Knowing how to identify and solve these problems can save you a lot of money in the long run. However, it is important to remember that a professional service should be called if you are unsure of what is wrong with the motor. Otherwise, you may end up fixing the symptoms instead of the cause, which will only lead to further damage and a more expensive repair bill in the future.

One of the most common signs of a malfunctioning garage door is when it moves unevenly. This could be caused by something blocking the path of the garage door, or simply because it isn’t level or balanced properly. You can test the balance of your garage door by shutting it and trying to lift it manually. If it stays up, then it is likely that you have the correct force settings on your opener.

If the garage door seems crooked or sagging, it’s often an indication that the springs are worn out. The springs are responsible for lifting the weight of the door, so when they break, it can put a lot of strain on the motor and affect its performance. A professional garage door repair service will be able to replace the broken springs quickly and easily, and get your garage door functioning properly again.

Another common problem with garage door motors is when they fail to close or open correctly. This is usually a sign that the sensors are not working, which can be a dangerous issue for children and pets. The safety sensors are designed to detect anything that might be in the door’s path and stop it from closing, preventing injury or even death. They can be affected by dirt, dust, or misalignment, which is why it is so important to schedule regular maintenance inspections with a professional company.

Newer motors are also available with smart phone connectivity, which can make it easier to control your garage door from anywhere in the world. This is an excellent option for busy homeowners who don’t want to have to worry about resetting the opener if they accidentally shut the door while they are away from home.

Who Killed Natalie Wood?

Natalie Wood’s mysterious death at the age of 43 stunned fans. Whispers and speculation ran wild.


Now, after almost 40 years, LA County sheriff’s detectives say they’re reopening the case. The skipper of the yacht she was on, Dennis Davern, has been questioned about bruises found on Wood’s body. To learn more about Who Killed Natalie Wood keep reading the article below.

Natalie Wood starred in some of the most beloved movies of all time, from West Side Story to Rebel Without a Cause to Splendor in the Grass. She was also a private person who kept her personal life out of the public eye, but rumors swirled around her mysterious death in November 1981, and it remains unclear exactly what happened to the actress.

While some conspiracy theorists have alleged foul play in her demise, most of the evidence points to a tragic accident. Her body was found in the chilly water off California’s Catalina Island, where she had been spending Thanksgiving weekend with her husband, Robert Wagner, and her co-star on her new film, Brainstorm. Several of the people who were aboard her yacht that fateful night, including Wagner and her co-star Christopher Walken, later made conflicting statements. The Los Angeles County medical examiner ruled her death accidental, citing her high blood alcohol levels and bruises on her arms, legs, and face that were consistent with a fall overboard from the dinghy she was trying to board.

Despite this, Wood’s daughter Lana is still suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death and has long been calling for a reexamination of the case. She has even tried to get answers from Wagner, but he cut her out of his life. Eventually, she turned to Dennis Davern, the yacht’s skipper, who contacted her out of the blue in 2021 and told her his version of events.

Davern’s account, which he repeated in his own book, was that after an argument between Wagner and Wood, she retired to her cabin, and he threw her into the water. He said that he didn’t share this with investigators at the time because he believed that Wagner would go after him. He also claims that he withheld information from Wagner because of his intimidation tactics.

Working with an expert in wills and trusts, the author of this book dissects the never-before-seen official probate file for Wood’s estate and reveals how a trail of inconsistencies shows Wagner’s conscious knowledge that she was dead. She then provides a fictional closing argument by the prosecution and allows readers to decide for themselves whether the case should be reopened.

Dennis Davern

The mystery of Natalie Wood’s death has captivated the public for decades. The West Side Story actress drowned while vacationing with her husband Robert Wagner, friend and Brainstorm co-star Christopher Walken, and her yacht’s captain, Dennis Davern. Many unanswered questions remain, and there have been a number of conflicting accounts from those involved in the case. But now Davern has come forward to tell his version of events.

In a new book, Davern claims that he heard an argument on deck between Wood and Wagner right before she fell into the water. He also says that Wagner told him to ignore a call from the coast guard and that he wanted to keep his wife and friends off of the boat.

According to the book, Davern had a close relationship with Wood and was deeply affected by her death. He says that he was left with a “permanent sense of emptiness.” The book also alleges that the actor’s mother, who was a Gypsy, had received a prophecy that her daughter would die in dark waters. Despite her fame, Wood was a very private woman. She had a history of psychological damage and abuse and was always on edge. She had daily psychoanalysis and multiple suicide attempts, as well as a fear of darkness and water.

For years, Wagner denied any involvement in her death, but the sheriff’s department reopened the case in 2011 due to new evidence. In a 2008 memoir, Wagner claimed that Wood was killed by a dinghy that was banging against the yacht, but he later changed his story to say she drowned after falling off the side of the boat while trying to re-tie it.

In a recent interview on the Today show, Davern admitted that he made mistakes by not telling the truth about what happened in the days leading up to the Thanksgiving weekend death. He also urged investigators to take his claim seriously and reopen the case. The LA county sheriff’s homicide detectives in charge of the investigation have not commented publicly on whether they will do so.

Robert Wagner

Actor Robert Wagner is a central figure in the mystery of Natalie Wood’s death. He has denied wrongdoing for decades, but his daughter and a crew member insist he was responsible.

The case began with a boating accident on November 28, 1981. As Wood, Wagner and his co-star on the sci-fi film Brainstorm, Christopher Walken, left to head back to their state rooms aboard a yacht named Splendour, they started arguing. Splendour captain Dennis Davern told investigators that he overheard the married couple accuse each other of wanting to f-ck each other, then they went their separate ways. The boat was about a mile from shore in an isolated cove called Blue Cavern Point. The next morning, her body was found floating about a mile from the boat. An autopsy showed she had a high blood alcohol level and multiple bruises on her arms, legs and body. The medical examiner ruled her death accidental.

Walken and Wagner both denied knowing anything about the incident, but they have been questioned time and again over what happened that night. Their stories often contradicted each other, but police never had a break in the case. Fresh scrapes and bruises listed on her autopsy report raised suspicions that she had been assaulted before drowning, but they didn’t add up to enough concrete evidence to hold someone accountable.

As the years passed, questions about what happened to Natalie Wood continued to swirl, fueled by gossip and tabloids. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that the LA County Sheriff’s Department officially named Wagner as a person of interest in her death.

Since then, the investigation into her disappearance has intensified with a number of eye-opening revelations. The authors of the new book expose the many conflicting and false accounts given to investigators by Dennis Davern, Natalie’s sister Lana and by Wagner himself, in magazine interviews and books he has written intended to shore up his ever-changing story. They also uncover a long-running campaign by Lana to discredit Wagner in an effort to make him appear innocent.

Christopher Walken

There is no doubt that alcohol and pills played a role in Wood’s death, but the question remains — how did she end up in the freezing water? The answer may lie in the fact that the actress had a lifelong fear of water.

As a result, she was likely trying to board the dinghy when she slipped and fell in. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has not yet officially ruled the cause of her death, but it is known that she had bruises on her arms and face. This is consistent with a fall overboard.

When Wood died, she was on a yacht with her husband Robert Wagner and Brainstorm co-star Christopher Walken. According to the documentary Heavy, Walken had been drinking throughout the evening. A few hours before she was rescued, he and Wagner were having a verbal argument. After the argument, Walken left to go back to his state room and Wagner followed him. During the night, a dinghy was heard bouncing against the side of the boat, which caught the attention of a half-asleep Wood. She went to investigate and ended up slipping and falling in the water.

The following day, an Islander named Doug Bombard spotted her body in the water. The dinghy was beached nearby and was found to have several scratches on it. It was also noted that the star had bruises on her arms and face. The Coast Guard was notified and began searching for the actress.

After the search, the police ruled that she had fallen off the boat accidentally. However, the case was reopened in 2018 after a retired prosecutor petitioned the medical examiner to launch a coroner’s inquest jury.

In the months leading up to her death, the child-star-turned-Hollywood icon was in a turbulent relationship with Wagner. The two were arguing about their marriage and she had spoken to several friends about wanting to divorce him.

In a recent interview with 48 Hours, Detective John Corina said that while Wagner is not considered a suspect, he was a person of interest in the case. In the past, he has denied that he had anything to do with his wife’s death.